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Trainer Tutorials

This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.
Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines God Mode Tutorial

You can view this tutorial in its original format here

1. Required : 

a) Commandos : Behind Enemy Lines 
b) GameHack v2.0 (for searching) 
c) Trainer Maker Kit (for the trainer creation) 

2. Finding the value

> start Commandos
> load a level or start a new game
> in the game type the cheat for *godmode* - 1982GONZO
> press now CTRL+i to activate the cheat (see top left the 'I')
> now press P to pause the game so that it not crashes when u press ALT+TAB
> press ALT+TAB to switch to the desktop
> start GameHack 2.0
> press the first button on top left (to select the process)
> now press the 4th button (Search) from left to right and type in the value "1" then press OK ('cause u enabled the cheat in the game which changed an adress' value to "1")
> it will say that there are many values which it won't show
> now switch to the game (ALT+TAB)
> press P again to unpause
> press CTRL+i to deactivate the cheat and then switch to GameHack again...
> now press the 5th button (Continue Search...) and type "0", 'cause u disabled the cheat, so the value changed to "0" then press OK
> it would say again it found many values...
> repeat the last 2 steps till u find 3 or 4 values then switch to the game and press again CTRL+i to enable/disable the cheat...
> returning to GameHack u will see that one value changed according to what u did (for disable - to "0" ; for enable - "1") > write the value down somewhere...
> and use Trainer Maker Kit to create yer own trainer... 
> remember to always press P to pause the game everytime u want to ALT+TAB, otherwise the game crashes...

3. Stuff

If you don't manage to use this tutorial right please mail me... ==>
If ya don't know how to use Trainer Maker Kit or GameHack please go to... ==> http:\\ and download some tutorials on the theme...
Also check out my trainers and other members' at TekZ, which ya can find in the *Team Releases* section...

Wish ya luck and pls read the next releases I make... C ya... 


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