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UFO: Aftershock

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Game Release Date: Euro: November/23/2005
Game Developer: ALTAR Interactive
Game Publisher: Cenega
Game Description: UFO: Aftershock is the sequel to the highly successful 2003 title UFO: Aftermath and follows directly from one of the endings of the first title, where the player agrees to hand over the Earth to the Alien scientists, who are trying to change the planet into a giant living organism. The Council of Earth and their followers take refuge on an orbiting satellite prepared for them by the aliens, but not all the survivors of the original invasion were re-located.
The game starts after many years in their new home, with no sign of the aliens and a failing life support system--the player must find out what happened to the Earth, the people left behind on the surface and the new visitors.

UFO: Aftershock is a mixture of squad based tactical action and global strategy with the gamer controlling the actions of elite ground troops, and the running and construction of an intricate network of interlinking bases.

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Game Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes
Right click the games desktop shortcut and choose Properties, in the Target field add the following to the end: "enable_system_console=true"
Start the game via the desktop shortcut, during game play press either ' or v or ~ (Tilde) or f depending on your country to bring up the console window, you can now enter one of the following:
add_resources [number], [number], [number] - Additional resources
full_stores - All items in base storage
full_store - All weapons and full equipment in tactical part
full_heal - All units healed
build_all - Instant project completion in Bases
untouch - Invincible soldiers
win_mission - Win current mission
? - List all console commands

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UFO: Aftershock Full Console Commands
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