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Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

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Game Info

Game Release Date: USA: March/17/2009
Game Developer: Ubisoft
Game Publisher: Ubisoft
Game Description: You've often relied on them in other Tom Clancy games, but for the first time you get to play as an advanced fighter pilot in the most exciting combat flight sim of this generation. Taking the role of a U.S. pilot the game's plot contains elements from both Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 and EndWar as you end up defending the United States from corporate mercenaries.
Although it features plenty of realistically modelled aircraft and other military vehicles this is an accessible, fast paced arcade action game - not a stuffy simulator. You'll engage dozen of bogeys at a time and never have to worry about running out of missiles, let alone targets.
The unique Enhanced Reality System (ERS) allows you to customise the difficultly level however you want, with a set of pilot assists that let you give control of things like radar, damage control and anti-stall measures to the computer. Or you can simply take control of everything yourself and prove yourself the real top gun.

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Game Cheat Codes

Go to the hanger and enter one of the following keyboard combinations to unlock a plane:
(Hold Shift) X, A, X, D, Q, X: Unlocks F-22B Strike Raptor
(Hold Shift) D, X, D, X, D, Q: Unlocks A-12 Avenger II
(Hold Shift) A, Q, A, Q, A, X: Unlocks F-18 HARV

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Game Trainers

Tom Clancy's HAWX v1.01 DX9 & DX10 +10 Trainer
| File Size: 95.7 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: KelSat |


Trainer options:
- Unlimited Life
- Unlimited Missile
- Unlimited Kill
- Instant Fire
- Freeze Ai & Ai's Missile
- Acceleration
- Super Speed
- Save Position
- Load Position
- Super Speed Missile
- Climb To 2000m
- Climb Down 2000m

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