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TOCA Race Driver 3

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Game Release Date: USA: February/22/2006
Game Developer: Codemasters
Game Publisher: Codemasters
Game Description: If variety is the spice of life, then TOCA Race Driver 3 will get any racing gamer hot under the helmet. Compete in over 100 individual championships covering 35 different racing disciplines that's more than any other racing game has ever offered. Forget modded cars, forget streetcars, forget fictional racecars, just jump straight into some of the world's most exciting real competition cars both modern and historic. The game's sublime, authentic handling engine will give you the nuances of racing every individual car, providing for a huge range of different racing experiences. 

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TOCA Race Driver 3 Unlocker
| File Size: 14 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: UNLEASHED |


This will give you access to all tracks, all championships, all movies, all cars, all parts and world tour (career/story mode) fully unlocked. 
TOCA Race Driver 3 v1.0 +1 Trainer
| File Size: 79.9 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: Jaws |


Trainer options:
- Drive only 1 lap to finish
TOCA Race Driver 3 v1.1 +2 Trainer
| File Size: 499 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: GoldenGlobeX |


Trainer options:
- Race Lap
- Race Time

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