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The Settlers III / Die Siedler III

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Game Release Date: USA: November/30/1998
Game Developer: Blue Byte
Game Publisher: Blue Byte
Game Description: The Settlers III is a compulsive and addictive real-time strategic simulation of tactics, prosperity, combat and growth. Settlers III offers completely new 3D rich graphics, expanded naval navigation, entirely new strategic elements and extensive online gameplay.
As a champion of the gods, take leadership of the resourceful Romans, the skilful Egyptians or the aggressive Asians. From humble beginners, manage your resources carefully, build your settlements wisely and trade prosperously.  

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The Settlers III v1.23 Level Skipper
| File Size: 42.5 KB | File Format: .zip | Language Version: n/a | Author: CLASS |


The Settlers III / Die Siedler v1.23 +8 Trainer
| File Size: 205 KB | File Format: .zip | Language Version: German | Author: Unknown? |


Trainer options:
Gebäude schnellbauen
Gebäude haben alle Waren
Gebäude stillegen
Gebäude übernehmen
Gebäude unzerstörbar
Einheiten unverwundbar
Feinde aufdecken
Spiel gewinnen

Build faster
Buildings have an infinite stock
The enemy's buildings get frozen
Select an enemy's building. Activate the cheat and it is destroyed
All buildings are indestructible
Your soldiers don't die
Finds the enemy's territory

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