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The Guild 2

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Game Release Date: USA: October/12/2006
Game Developer: 4HEAD Studios
Game Publisher: JoWood Productions
Game Description: The time is 1400 A.D. The end of the last crusade has left the countries of Europe and the powerful Roman Catholic Church defeated and in a state of great upheaval. As church authorities and noblemen across the continent scramble to defend their interests, you must rise through the ranks of society to build a rich and powerful family dynasty that will last through the ages. Become a crafty merchant, politician, or even a renowned crime lord and outwit shrewd human or AI opponents to achieve the upper echelon of nobility. Every decision you make determines the course of history.

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The Guild 2 v1.1 +1 Trainer
| File Size: 258 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: Razor 1911 |


Trainer options:
- Money
The Guild 2 v1.3 +2 Trainer
| File Size: 24.7 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: PiZZA |


Trainer options:
- Infinite XP
- Infinite Money

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