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Game Info

Game Release Date: USA: October/2/2009
Game Developer: Piranha Bytes
Game Publisher: Deep Silver
Game Description: A sweeping story captivates players from the start! An epic story in an authentic world hand-crafted with an eye for detail and populated by "real", plausible characters. A Mysterious Volcanic Island The heavy tremors on the island bode ill for its inhabitants. Ancient temples have risen from the ground recently, bizarre creatures are terrorising the area. Fear and terror is spreading among the population. The End of All Hope? A group of powerful men who call themselves "The Inquisitors" have taken it upon them-selves to put an end to these events. They send an exhibition to this remote island, but a storm takes hold of the ship and destroys it at sea. A Hero Will Come As if by a miracle, the player survives the shipwreck and is stranded on the volcanic island alone. He finds himself amidst a chaos of rebellion, tyranny and mystic rituals. He must now decide to which side the pendulum of fate will swing.

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Game Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes
During gameplay type minsky and press Enter now you can press ~ (Tilde) or F1 to bring up the console, you can now enter one of the following codes: 
Get gold - give It_Gold 
God mode - God 
Ignored by enemies until you hit someone or steal something - Invisible 
Teaches specific skill - Teach <skill> <number> 
Teach all skills - Teach All <number> 
Get item - Give <item name> <number (optional)> 
Get indicated amount of gold - give It_Gold <number> 
Go to indicated NPC (must be case sensitive ) - goto <name> 
Player editor - edit PC_Hero 
All armor - give It_Armor 
All shields - give It_Shield 
All helms - give It_Helm 
Get all items - Give All <number> 
Spawn specific entity - Spawn <entity name> 
Set game time - Time <> 
Set slow or fast motion (1 is the default value) - Time scale <number> 
Console help - help 
Use after help to list cheat codes - list 
Isometric view - IsoView 
First person view; may glitch game. - FirstPerson 
Set variable or state - Set <variable> <value> 
Set state of any open quest - setqueststatus <quest tag> <open, run, cancel, close, succeed, or fail> 

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Game Trainers

Risen v1.0 +16 Trainer
| File Size: 1.04 MB | File Format: .zip | Language Version: n/a | Author: CH |


Trainer options:
- Instant Health
- Instant Mana
- Super Health
- Super Mana
- Max Experience
- Add 10 Learning Points
- Add Strength
- Add Dexterity
- Add Wisdom
- One Hit Kills
- Heal Target
- Drain Target Health
- Add Gold
- Super Speed
- Super Jump
- Grim Reach Attack
- Hover Mode
Risen v1.0 +36 Trainer
| File Size: 90.1 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: KelSat |


Trainer options:
- Strength
- Dexterity
- Wisdom
- Max Mana
- Max Hit Points
- Learning Points
- Level
- Sword Fighting
- Axe Fighting
- Staff Fighting
- Archery
- Crossbow
- Magic Bullet
- Fireball
- Frost
- Blade Protection
- Blunt Weapon Protection
- Piercing Weapon Protection
- Fire Protection
- Ice Protection
- Magic Protection
- Smithing
- Prospect Ore
- Open Locks
- Pick Pocket
- Sneak
- Acrobatics
- Alchemy
- Create Scrolls
- Gut Animals
- Seal
- Money
- Fill Life
- Fill Mana
- Unlimited Item

Game Patch Fixes


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