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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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Game Release Date: USA: December/10/2015
Game Developer: Square Enix
Game Publisher: Square Enix
Game Description: Lightning Returns is the concluding chapter of the Final Fantasy XIII saga and series heroine Lightning's final battle. The grand finale of the trilogy brings a world reborn as well as free character customisation and stunning action based battles.

The world is sinking into a sea of chaos, and in thirteen days, nothing will remain.
Though the planet is doomed, there is still hope for those who call it home.
After centuries in crystal stasis, a hero has awoken—a legendary warrior on a god-given mission to save the souls of mankind. Her name: Lightning.
Blessed with incredible strength and an arsenal of new weapons, she has everything she needs for the coming battle. Everything except time. And now she must make an impossible choice...

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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII v1.0 +12 Trainer
| File Size: 430 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: FLiNG |


Trainer options:
- Infinite Health
- Infinite ATB
- Infinite Overclock Duration
- Infinite GIL
- Infinite EP
- Infinite Stamina
- Super Jump
- Freeze World Time
- Drain Enemies ATB
- One Hit Kill
- 2/4/8/16x GIL
- 2/4/8/16x GP

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