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Ion Assault

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Game Release Date: USA: September/23/2009
Game Developer: Coreplay
Game Publisher: Black Inc.
Game Description: Alien races have been fighting a bitter war for supremacy of their universe. An alliance has formed between the lowly Lokob and the superior Y'dray, who are by far the more technically advanced, in an attempt to stem the onslaught of the enemy, the evil Unath. The Unath are formidable and are said to have invaded this star system in a quest to maintain supplies of a chemical which is the basis for their technology and is found in the bodies of all of the alliance races. Needless to say, you don't want to be taken prisoner! So the Lokob put up with their second-class citizen status within the alliance because victory over the Unath only seems possible with the help of the Y-dray and their knowledge. The player is a Lokob officer, a Commander of Armies and Colonel Verkkal (voice over by Ian McNeice, famed for his role as Baron Harkonnen in Dune) is his trusted friend and field commander, in charge of his race's contingent. 

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Ion Assault v1.0.0.1 +6 Trainer
| File Size: 988 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: h4x0r |


Trainer Options:
- Unlimited Lives
- Increase Score
- Enable Power Shield
- Enable Chrono Stasis
- Enable Gravity Boss
- Disable All Passive Powers
- Enable All Active Powers
- Disable All Active Powers
- Disable All

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