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Homefront: The Revolution: Beyond the Walls

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Game Release Date: USA: March/8/2017
Game Developer: Dambuster Studios
Game Publisher: Deep Silver
Game Description: The second American Revolution has been crushed by the KPA occupation forces, and Philadelphia - last stronghold of the Resistance - is about to fall.

In America’s darkest hour, a glimmer of hope appears when a NATO agent makes contact from beyond the city walls with a desperate call for help. They claim to have information that could finally end the occupation - but can the Resistance reach them before the KPA close in…?

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Homefront: The Revolution: Beyond the Walls *64 Bit* v781464 (e6ba) +12 Trainer
| File Size: 4 MB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: FutureX |


Trainer options:
- Infinite Health
- Infinite Ammo
- No Reload
- Rapid Fire
- No Recoil
- Stealth Mode
- Freeze Hacking Timer
- Infinite Resources
- Infinite Money / Unlock Points
- Unlock All Weapons
- Infinite Jump
- Save Location
- Load Location
- Undo Location

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