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Frozen State

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Game Release Date: USA: August/5/2016
Game Developer: Flox Studios
Game Publisher: Flox Studios
Game Description: The entire world is embraced by the man-made ice age meant to protect the human race from alien hybrids. The last survivors have formed the Resistance.

On the way to the Resistance, the main character gets stranded in the closed experimental city Duga-40, where he has to survive and repair his transport to continue the journey.

The gameís world is vast (65 different locations) and populated with the human survivors, military groups and pestilent alien hybrids. The world and loot are randomly generated every playthrough.

There is a deep crafting system that allows you not only to cook food and make different weapons, but also to build traps, barricades and shelters.

Accomplishing the main goal, which is to repair the transport and not die by the hybridís claws, you will discover the story of the city, meet the survivors and understand what really happened. 

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Frozen State *64 Bit* v1.0 +17 Trainer
| File Size: 620 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: FLiNG |


Trainer options:
- Infinite Health
- Infinite Stamina
- No Hunger
- No Dehydration
- Ideal Body Temperature
- No Fatigue
- No Bleeding
- No Poisoning
- No Burns
- No Fracture
- One Hit Kill
- Daytime +1 Hour
- Daytime -1 Hour
- Zero Weight
- Infinite Items
- Infinite Antrazidols
- Equipments Infinite Durability
- Super Speed

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