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Cricket 07

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Game Info

Game Release Date: UK: November/24/2006
Game Developer: HB Studios
Game Publisher: Electronic Arts
Game Description: With its fully licensed squads, groundbreaking Century Stick control system and more natural camera perspective, Cricket 07 will bring players the most immersive gameplay experience to date. Thanks to the groundbreaking EA SPORTS Century Stick control system, batting has become more intuitive, responsive and rewarding than ever. For the first time in a cricket game, players can enjoy full control over foot choice, shot, direction, power and timing, all governed through the use of both analogue sticks. A back or front foot stroke is selected with the left stick, and then shot timing and direction are judged with the right stick. Power is determined by how far the stick is moved a slight tap can nudge the ball for a quick single or a firm push can send the ball fizzing away to the boundary. Allied to new cameras that deliver a more natural behind-the-stumps batting perspective and a wider view of the field, cricket has never been so easily accessible. With embellished gameplay, a wealth of tournaments, genuine equipment and authoritative new commentary from Mark Nicholas and Richie Benaud, you won't experience cricket this authentic without donning whites and walking down the pavilion steps yourself.

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Game Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes
Highlight the My Cricket option at the main menu with the mouse pointer, then enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Pause gameplay by pressing Esc and you can re enter the code to disable it. 
Special deliveries - rkosd 
All rk code effects - rkoall 
Super Batsman - yousaf 
You play Supersix - afridi 
You play Super Four - salman 
Super batsman - rkobat 
Super Six - rkosix 
Super bowler - rkopowerbowl 
Flying fielder - rkofly 
You have super bowlers - wasim 
You bowl superballs - waqar 
You have super fielders - rhodes 
Your bowlers have full stamina - asif 
Your batsmen have full stamina - inzamam 
Your bowlers bowl with magic moves - saqlain 
Faster runners - razzaq 
Your bowler bowls with super speed - akhter 
Umpire does not issue noball - haier 
Fielders easy catch when auto fielding  press Shift - malik 
Your bowler always has all special deliveries - gul 

Game Demos


Game Patch Updates


Game Trainers

Cricket 07 v1.0 +19 Trainer
| File Size: 505 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: ACE |


Trainer options:
- Maximize Team 1 Runs
- No Team 1 Runs
- Edit Team 1 Runs
- Maximize Team 2 Runs
- No Team 2 Runs
- Edit Team 2 Runs
- Team 1 All Out
- Edit Team 1 Wickets
- Team 2 All Out
- Edit Team 2 Wickets
- Endless Over
- Over Ending Streak
- Edit Delivery In Over
- Super Bowl Kph
- No Bowl Kph

Game Patch Fixes

Cricket 07 v1.0 No CD Patch/Play Fix Exe
| File Size: 1.44 MB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: English | Author: RELOADED |



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