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Ancient Space

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Game Release Date: USA: September/23/2014
Game Developer: CreativeForge Games
Game Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Game Description: Venture deep into space to uncover secrets and find a lost expedition! 

Ancient Space features real time strategic starship battles that encourages tactical maneuvering. In time honored RTS tradition, you build and upgrade your fleet as you complete mission objectives and gather resources which allow you to progress further into the game. Chart your approach from defense to offense and everything in between such as escort and stealth missions. 

Embark and explore the darkest recesses of space in this tale of strategic resource management and engrossing interstellar warfare. 

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Ancient Space v1.0 +1 Trainer
| File Size: 459 KB | File Format: .zip | Language Version: n/a | Author: CH |


Trainer options:
- Energy

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