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Aliens versus Predator

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Game Info

Game Release Date: USA: April/30/1999
Game Developer: Rebellion
Game Publisher: Fox Interactive
Game Description: Featuring characters from the popular and terrifying film sagas Aliens and Predator, Aliens Versus Predator pits three of the deadliest species in the universe against each other in a bloodthirsty battle for the ultimate prize--survival. Playing as a colonial marine, a predator, or an alien, players stalk their way through richly detailed, spine-tingling environments.

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Game Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes
The following codes will only work with the update patch.
Right click your games desktop shortcut and choose Properties then in the Target field add -debug to the end of the text.
Start the game via the desktop shortcut and during gameplay press ~ (Tilde) to bring up the console, you can now enter one of the following codes:
MOTIONTRACKERSPEED - Speed up/slow down the pulse rate of the Marine's motion tracker (range from 0-16, default is 1).
TIMESCALE # - Change the rate at which time flows in the game, e.g. 0.5 will make time pass at half the normal speed.
WIREFRAMEMODE # - Display the environment and/or characters using wireframe graphics.
DOPPLERSHIFT # - Enable/disable the Doppler shifting on the Alien player's sounds.
SKY_RED # - Change the red component in a sky.
SKY_GREEN # - Change the green component in a sky. 
SKY_BLUE # - Change the blue component in a sky.
LEANSCALE # - Change the amount the camera tilts when side-stepping. 
CROUCHMODE 1 - Change the Aliens to crouch/crawl.
CROUCHMODE 0 - Changes back to the default setting. 
QUICKSAVE - Save to the first save slot.
QUICKLOAD - Load from the first save slot.
SAVE # - Save to slot number # (1-8).
LOAD # - Load from slot number # (1-8).
SAVESLEFT - Displays how many saves the player has remaining in the current level at the current difficulty. This number is also displayed any time a game is saved or loaded.
GOD - Makes the player immortal: player will still take damage, but will not die when they reach zero health.
GIMME_CHARGE Give's Predator Full Charge. 
GIVEALLWEAPONS - Self-explanatory.
LISTCMD - In game help screen for cheat codes.
SHOWFPS - Displays the current frame-rate per second on-screen.
SHOWPOLYCOUNT - Displays the number of rendered polygons per frame
LIGHT - Creates a light source near the player. Repeated use makes a brighter and brighter light.
PRAETORIANBOT - Creates a Praetorian Alien
XENOBORG - Creates a Xenoborg
ALIENBOT - Creates an Alien in front of the player.
MARINEBOT # - Creates a Marine (or civilian) of type #
PREDOBOT # - Creates a Predator of type #
PREDALIENBOT - Creates a Predator-Alien

Game Demos


Game Patch Updates


Game Trainers

Aliens versus Predator All Access Unlocker
| File Size: 434 Bytes | File Format: .zip | Language Version: n/a | Author: TXC |


Aliens versus Predator v1.0 +1 Trainer
| File Size: 85 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: CES |


Trainer options:
- God Mode
Aliens versus Predator v1.0 +4 Trainer
| File Size: 14.5 KB | File Format: .zip | Language Version: n/a | Author: PARADIGM |


Trainer options:
- Freezes The Health/armour
- Infinite Marine Ammo
- Infinite Predator Energy Thingy
- Infinite Predator Spear Ammo
Aliens versus Predator build 0.98 +16 Trainer
| File Size: 187 KB | File Format: .zip| Language Version: n/a | Author: BugMaker |


Trainer options:
- Use all vision modes no matter what species you are.
- All species can look cloaked.
- God mode (so you will not die).
- Unlimited saves.
- See through walls.
- Change your lean scale.
- Change your health view.
- Enable the jetpack and grappling hook on any level in any game type.
- Unlimited flares.
- Full ammo (255 magazines of each ammo type).
- Max armor (999 armor).
- Unlimited energy.
- Max Spears (255 of them).
- Enable ANY weapon even if the moderator or level has disabled them.
- Specie Disguise (also know as shifting, LOOK like another species).
- Specie Change (you actually change species in game) even if the moderator has disabled them.
- Enable any game cheat options (these are the built-in cheats like Pigsticking, SniperMunch, SuperGore, JohnWooMode, etc).
Aliens versus Predator build 0.98 +83 Trainer
| File Size: 111 KB | File Format: .zip | Language Version: n/a | Author: Raptor-X |


Trainer options:
- Change Into Any Species During Gameplay
- Immortality For Predator, Marine And Alien You Will Not Die With This On
- Unlimited Saves So You Can Save Untill You Dont Wont To Save Any More
- Shortcut Keys So You Play The Game And Get Immortality At The Press Of A Button
- Enable ANY Weapon Even If The Moderator Or Level Has Disabled Them
- Enable The Jetpack Or Grappling Hook On Any Level In Any Game Type
- Use All Vision Modes No Matter What Species You Are
- Unlimited Energy
- Unlimited Spears
- Unlimited Ammo For Marine
- Max Magazines For Marine
- 999 Armour
- All Species Can Look Cloaked
- Enable Any Game Cheat Options
- See Through Walls With Any Species
- Options To Speed Up And Slow Down The Single Player Game!
- Option To Speed Up And Slow Down Only Yourself On The Multiplayer Game Best With - Alien
- Option To Speed Up Or Slow Down The Speed Of The Marines Morion Tracker
- Always Have A Fully Charged Sholder Cannon With Enhanced Power
- Clinb Walls With Any Species
- Posess Other Players
- Change The Speed Of The Marines Motion Tracker
- Enable And Disable X-Ray Vision So You Can See People Through Walls
- Unlimited Crouch So You Dont Have To Hold The Crouch Button Anymore!
- All species can look cloaked and be 100% invisible in Ghost Mode
- All species can see specie phermones
- Use Dubug Mode And Have The Game Not Know You Are Using Them So You Can Use - Multiplayer, Save And Pass Levels
- Enable Any Chat Mode
- Keep The Current Vision Mode Even When You Die!
- Walk Backwards And Forwards With The Minigun
All Species:
- Enable Debug+
- Immortality
- Mortal
- Unlimited Saves
- Ghost Cloak On
- Ghost Cloak Off
- Unlimited Crouch On
- Unlimited Crouch Off
- Phermone Sight On
- Phermone Sight Off
- Ghost Cloak On
- Ghost Cloak Off
- Wall Climbing On
- Wall Climbing Off
- Firemarkers On
- Firemarkers Off
- Keep Current Vision Mode
- Autorun 75 Forward
- Autorun 100 Forward
- Autorun 150 Forward
- Autorun Backwards

Special Cheat Modes:
- Pigsticking
- SlugTrail
- SniperMunch
- Terror
- SuperGore
- Grenade
- Mirror
- Pipecleaner
- DiscoInferno
- TripTastic
- MotionBlur
- UnderWater
- JohnWooMode
- WarpSpeed
- LandOfTheGiants
- ImpossibleMission
- RainbowBlood
- TickerTape
- Nausea
- FreeFall
- BallsOfFire
- Unknowen

Paintball Modes:
- Invisible
- Goo
- Dead Rose
- Pepto-Bismo
- Camoufaga
- Stain
- Splat
- Fungus
- Impatients
- Stall Splash
- Flower Puke
- Auntie F.
- Open 27/7
- Plum Virus
- Blended Nun
- Fade Out
- Fade In
- Ready, Set, Go!
- Bug Bite
- Vomit
- Cold Fire

Game Speed:
- 1
- 2
- 3
- 4
- 0.1
- 0.5

X-Ray Vision:
- X-Ray Vision On
- X-Ray Vision Off

Species Change Mode:
- Alien
- Predator

Species Disguise Mode:
- Alien
- Marine
- Predator

Vision Modes:
- Normal Vision Mode
- Navigational Vision Mode
- Intensified Vision Mode
- Thermal Vision Mode
- Electrical Vision Mode
- PredTech Vision Mode

- All Weapons
- Disk On
- Disk Selectable
- Unlimited Energy
- Hook On
- Unlimited Energy
- Unlimited Spears

- Minigun+
- 999 Armor
- Unlimited Flares
- Jetpack
- All Ammo
- All Weapons + Ammo
Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition build 98 +6 Trainer
| File Size: 278 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: Apocalypticx |


Trainer options:
- Infinite Clips Marine
- Infinite Grenades Marine
- Fastest Motion Tracker
- Cloak Mode
- Infinite Cloak Energy
- Infinite Cannon Energy (Predator)
- Infinite Spear Gun Ammo
- Godmode
- Wireframe Mode
Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition *32 Bit & 64 Bit* Source Code Update +10 Trainer
| File Size: 7.52 MB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: n/a | Author: Flux |


Trainer options:
- God Mode
- Marine All Weapons
- Predator All Weapons
- Unlimited Ammo
- Predator Infinite Energy
- Predator Have Grappling Hook
- Predator Should Cannon Always Charged
- Marine Have Jetpack
- Marine Unlimited Flares
- Toggle Crouchmode

Game Patch Fixes

Aliens versus Predator v1.0 No CD Patch/Play Fix Exe
| File Size: 641 KB | File Format: .rar | Language Version: UK | Author: Unknown? |


Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition v1.0 No CD Patch
| File Size: 1.20 KB | File Format: .zip | Language Version: US | Author: Joe Forster |


Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition v1.0 No CD Patch/Play Fix Exe
| File Size: 771 KB | File Format: .zip | Language Version: English | Author: Unknown? |



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