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Old 28-12-2015, 10:34 AM
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Default Trainers versus traditional cheat codes

Before I even knew about trainers years ago I used to always use the cheat codes that most games came with, I can remember for a lot of games there were just heaps of cheats. Some trainers can have 5-10 options, cheat codes dont really hapen with games anymore, what did people prefer, cheat codes or trainers?
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Old 11-01-2016, 03:20 AM
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A lot of the more serious cheat codes like unlimited ammo, slow frame rate, unlimited health etc. are originally (and still are) known as dev codes ("dev" meaning developer). The game developer would often use these codes during the alpha and beta testing of the game as it was the quickest way to find bugs and errors in the game rather than having to manually complete the game. They are almost always disabled during the final release of the product, but it's not hard to find ways of enabling them again, usually by just editing a game file and adding a -dev to the target. In saying this though some game developers do include cheat codes in the final release regardless of dev cheats or not.

The fun codes you sometimes see such as "big head" mode or something unusual unlocked are added by the game development team on it's completion for a bit of fun or for a programmer to add his/her final touch to the game.

In regards to trainers, yes they can be limited on the amount of options, but it really comes down to how much time you want to spend finding memory addresses and their relevance. The common options are usually enough to satisfy most people. Some people seem to think that a trainer is just slapped together in 5 minutes, but I can tell you a lot of work can go into making trainers.

I have found a lot of people like trainers because you only need to press a keyboard key to activate the particular cheat, with cheat codes you have to type them, believe it or not people have become so lazy that they would rather the trainer over the cheat codes simply because they don't have to type anything.

Most games released now don't come with cheat codes, so trainers are they only option to have some fun in the game.
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