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Originally Posted by greatshake View Post
Hilary Clinton seems to be the only one that makes sense, evn with the debates you can see she has a plan and an understanding of how the world works, Trump seems to repeat himself over and over and his policies are just to divide, he seems to hate anyone that doesn't agree with him!
Problem with Hilary Clinton is she has been in politics 30+ years and like a lot of these "career" politicians they aren't in touch with the people anymore, they live a mostly luxurious life and forget the times of what it was like to live as a regular citizen.

Hilary Clinton is on record as saying that black people are predators, she probably hates different groups of people more than anyone, but because shes such a deceitful person you never know what she is really thinking, at least with Donald Trump you just get a straight-forward answer, so you know what you are going to get with him, he doesn't try and sugarcoat what he is saying and I love that kind of honesty.
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