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Default Trainer won't load

I seem to have unpacked the files ok.
I have no Virus alert etc.
I tried playing the game and get something to happen
but I am not invoking any trainer commands.
I figured I need to put my trainer files into the same folder as the game
to help make it work.

I have started the game but minimized it on my desktop.
I try and open the unzipped .rar file and I get this ERROR message -

"Failure loading the trainer. Your tempfolder must allow execution. (Check your anti virus)"

But I get this msg even after I close the anti-virus.
I don't know where this "tempfolder" is on my machine. I got the message "Allow blah blah to make changes to your computer" alert box - and it kicked out that message.
Same thing if I try to "run as administrator".

Now I am stuck.

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