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LousyGladiator 13-02-2019 08:54 PM

Elder Scrolls of Morrowind - cheat code
Just in case anyone likes antique games. I just found this handwritten in a notebook and thought I'd preserve it. Originally I got it from one of the big PC game websites.

Morrowwind cheat code
- no utility needed

This info is from an old version of Morrowind. About 2005.
If you gave it up because hanging around for a ride on a big water strider is too boring this will speed eveything up.

PRESS the ~ button to bring up a console.

1st ENTER this: player -> [command] "ENTER"

Command can be these, no brackets

player -> Add Item "Gold_100" 36365
... will add $36365 to gold.

SetSuperJump 1
SetWaterBreathing 1
SetHealth [health]

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