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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

What is "Gamehacking"

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
What Is "Gamehacking"
- What Is "Gamehacking" - By Elissaios.

This guides describes detailed the following topics.

1. What is Hacking and what is the truth about it.
2. Gamehacking structure and process.
3. Why, When and How Gamehacking is not illegal.

1 :: What is Hacking and what is the truth about it.
First of all you need to know what "hacking" refers to and what it means. "Hacking" means "Unlock", "Cheat" or even "Bypass". Its not an illegal word as described by many. It depends how you use it in your industry. For example, "Hackers" are known as illegal persons, well thats wrong, he may hack his home, his bathroom, or even hack his dog, and he can call him self a "hacker"... sure he does. But it doesn't practiculary mean that he's illegal in any way.

The illegal stuff are starting to flow when a personal/computer system security is hacked (unlocked and accessed by all means) for illegal reasons (such as stealed information and spy-for-money reasons). So, to get to the point. GameHack, a simple word, its not described as illegal and i will explain about it later within this article.

2 :: Gamehacking process.
When we hack a game we do not actually hack its contents within, but its stambed information which is one with the memory table of your operating system (technically your computer ram). Once the game is executed, bits of information are stambed within your operating system memory table (ram) and reserves it until its terminated. Now there's the time gamehacking starts. A memory table is splitted into tinny pieces, might be thousands or even million ones. These pieces are each addressed with a 8 digit code in hex form (please refer to a hex tutorial if you dont know hex yet). Each address haves a value which it represents the address power (or even better its balance). The game writes and reads from its reserved memory tables in real time changing and setting information about the game (everything from it). So what we do is to change the value of an address and change the power/balance of a game information bit, which can be player health, ammo and other types of cheats. This way cheats are generated even if the game company didn't include them in a game.

3 :: Why, When and How Gamehacking is not illegal.
Gamehacking is not illegal but TOTALLY legal. And that prouves it by its non-modification process. We do not modify the game, we modify its reserved memory table, which is actually the operation system's memory table. And the operating system allows us to change its memory table as long as we dont not "touch" its kernel/core. Which is not happening and will never.

The only case gamehacking can turn illegal, is to hack online multiplayer games. Which is forbitten by various game companies. It is illegal by each one of the following reasons.

- Game Server Hacking. You dont have the right to hack memory table of company's servers.
- Various of complains to game companies by gamers saying "I had full health and i died!"
- Luck of online gaming fun! Its the first reason why u shouldn't hack multiplayer games.
- Its not fair! Be an online gamer, not an online lamer!

I hope you've learned some things you were questioning before. Thanks for reading!


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