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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

TSearch Basics

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
TSearch Basics
-TSearch tutorial by XaZ/GorgnutHi, all this is my first tutorial.

It directs it self on guys/girls who is new to gamehacking.
However a brain is needed to understand it. Oh, one more thing before we start, XaZ and Gorgnut is the same person.

First start TSearch :)
Then start the game you want to hack.
Now in your game start a new game or something so you get"into" the game.
When your done with that, you can look around a bit on the things you want to hack (i.e Gold/Life/Ammo etcetc).

Lets say you have 100 health in a game. Remember that, or write it down.
Now, switch to TSearch using ALT-TAB in game. In Tsearch, click the "Open Process" button.

Now you will see a list of allthe process (programs, games etc etc).
Now double click on your games process (i.e sof2.exe, starcraft.exe etc etc).
Now your process is loaded in TSearch. Now remember the value of your Life/gold/ammo you wrote down?
Click the search buttonbelow the "Open Process" button (the button looks like a binoculares).
Now, write in the value of that you wrote down. Thenfrom the list select "Exact Value". Now click "Ok".
Now TSearch is finding all the memory adresses with the value youentered.
It can find up to some millions of memory adresses with that value.

So how do we know which one of these memory adress is ours? Hold on and i will tell you.
Now go back into the game and fire a bullet or loose some life or build something.
Do somthing that effect your value!When you done that, switch back to TSearch and click "Search next" (it is to the left of the first search button youpressed).
Now from the list where you choosed "Exact Value" select Has Decreased or Has Incresead (If your value in game has decreased, select "Has decresed", if your value has increased select "Has increased").
Now click ok.
Now it will searchfor all values that where decreased from last time you searched. It should find some less results this time.
Now do thisprocess a couple of times untill you only have like 2-3 results.
Good, you have the 2-3 results now? Then read on... Select the adress that was found and click the green cross.
This will add the adresses to an other list, just beside theother one.
Now to freeze this value, click in the little box on adress that you want to freeze.
Go back to the game andVoila!
Your ammo/gold/life should be freezed!Thats all for now!
If you got any problem, want to give me feedback etc etc,
please e-mail me at
Tune in for my other tutorial "Hacking DMA with TSearch" which i will do soon :)
Until then have fun and hack on :)

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