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Trainer Tutorials

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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

TMK Trainer Maker Kit Tutorial

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
TMK Tutorial
Trainer Maker Kit
{{Tutorial By StormBringer}}
Trainer Maker Kit is most likely the best trainer generating software for beginners
currently on the market.
Not only is it simple to use it is also very user friendly.
This guide will explain how to make a very simple trainer to do this you will need :-
The Address(s) you want to NOP/Freeze/Edit
Trainer Maker Kit(get from
A Brain(get from your nearest general store)
Now once you have all those you must first open TMK.
A box will appear titled [Project Option] Now choose the directory you want the trainer
to be stored in and then put in the title of your Project.
Then click the [Create] button
Now the interface that will face you may be overwhelming at first but dont worry
its not as complicated as it might seem to you.
In the middle you will see a box named DIALOG
if you right-click the middle of the box you can change its properties.
So you have the cosmetic details done now its time to add the actual functions.
Go to the insert tab and click button.
Now a button should appear in your main window.
Right click the button to get into a pop up box.
Click on the [Write Memory Actions] tab.
Click the [Wiz] button
Now you get a window.
In the window you have a interface like this
Action to perform Type of value Address Value
[WRITE VALUE] [BYTE] [ ] [ ]
Now select for now [WRITE VALUE],[BYTE],[Your Address],[The Value You Wish]
And well bingo thats all there is to it.....
Making your trainer from here is extremely simple and purely cosmetic value.
After you master TMK try learning Delphi or ASM.
Well thats it! hope to see some cool looking trainers from you soon.

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