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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

Reversing Game Code Instructions

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
Reversing Game Instructions Lvl.2
Reversing Game Code Instructions

Kit Needed
Softice & a Memory Searcher

First a little Overview of Some Basic ASM

Mov – To move something such as
MOV EAX,[ESI+05] This moves the value of [esi+05] into EAX
Mov [Destination],[Source]
Remember always destination first source second.

INC – To increase or increment
DEC – To Decrease

Theirs a lot more to it than the above but that’s all you’ll need for this tutorial.

Right now fire up the Sims unleashed and go to create a new family then add a person
and so on until u get to the screen where you add stat points to your sim. Now there
are currently 25 stat points in the box so alt and tab out of the game and open your
memory searcher and search for byte 25. Now go back to the game and add a point to
yoursim. Back to your memory searcher and search for 24 back 2 the game add nother
one to your sim. Back to your memory searcher and search for 23. Now the address I
got was1E4E584 so now go back to the game and press crtl + d and set breakpoint on the
address you found. Bpm 1E4E584 All this does is sets an open breakpoint on the
address you found so anything that reads or writes to this address softice will pick it
up. Then go back to the game and add another point to your sim and softice should
pop straight away BANG were in.

Softice pops up with something that looks like this:-

53BE84 E809FDFFFF CALL 0053BB92
53BE8B FF8924010000 DEC DWORD PTR [ECX+124] SI Pops here
53BE91 EB20 JMP SHORT 0053BEB3

Now take notice of the instruction at 53BE8B If you refer to above you will notice
that it is decreasing are amount of personality points which is stored in address
[ecx+124] by one every time we add a stat point. So you’ve most probably guessed it
what can we do here. Well I’m gonna leave the rest up to you JUST KIDDING!!!
Now what if we were to replace the dec command with a inc command so instead of it
decreasing our value by one every time we add a point but to increase it instead.

So in SI type A 53BE8B [return].
Now this will take us into assembly mode for this address so recreate the whole
instruction except replacing the DEC command with a INC command. SO


Then press return again to drop out of assembly mode.

Then press ctrl + d to go back to the game and then add a personality point to your
sim and BINGO we’ve done it your stats are no longer decreasing but there increasing
thus we now have a stats hack.

Now to put this in a trainer

53BE8B FF8924010000 DEC DWORD PTR [ECX+124]
Here u would poke 53BE8B with their op codes so
Poke 538E8B FF 89 24 01 00 00

And when you have changed the command. The line of code will look like this
53BE8B FF8124010000 INC DWORD PTR PTR [ECX+124]
So here you would
Poke 53BE8B FF 81 24 01 00 00

Well another tutorial finished hope you’ve understood it ok. Feel free to email me with comments your problems or anything related to this tutorial.

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