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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

Overclocking your emulator

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
"Overcloking" your emulator
This will guide you to overcloking / seting custom speeds to your
favourite emulator
this is my first oficial file ever... so please go easy ok?

First of all.. Greeting to all Extalia members!
Hail Da fighters of games!!!

Part 1
-Use of this "overcloking"
Part 2
-What you need
Part 3
Part 4
-The "overcloking"

Part 1

this can be used for :

People who want the target machine "system being emulated" cpu to slow down
to keep track of all code, good for debug.

Customizing the frame rate

Taking perfect screenshots for gaming sites

Playing in slowmotion "if you think its fun :)"

What you need :

Basic memory search knowledge
A emulator "we will use GENS V2.11"
search for GENS in a popular search engine.
A Rom.
NTSC/PAL "read bellow"

About roms being legal or not... no they are not legal in anyway,
but since we can use ANY rom, we will use a public domain rom.
do a search on you favourite site for PD roms.

i'll cover the basics about this in gaming consoles.

NTSC = 60 fps
PAL = 50 fps


NTSC Faster, PAL Slower.
Simple has that.
The overcloking.

Like i said, i will use GENS, a sega genesis/megadrive emulator
so i'll use the exact names of the menus / options in GENS

Lets start...

SO, we know PAL is slower and NTSC faster...
so we go to GENS, in CPU, go to country and put PAL
The country doesn't mater at all as long it is in PAL

in our favourite memory search program we start
a search for a unknown value.
When it done, we need to change the value of what we are looking for
how we do that???
we increase the value by changing the cpu to NTSC :)
again for the search...
we say the value increased this time...
when its done searching
We change it again... PAL... decrease... search...
again... NTSC... Increase search...
PAL Decrease search...

i think you got my point :)

well, i got this address

00E4B64C and the value is 488
hmmm 488 that equals to what?
the CPU is set to NTSC here, so 488 is NTSC
we set it to pal to see what we get has value...
487... hmmm

So, 488 = NTSC and 487 = PAL.

Play around with the values ^_^

really High Values like 20000 or even higher can really
slow down your system performance.
Since you requesting more MHZ from the GENS emulated chip
it will ask for more Mhz of your real cpu.

Porfa For

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