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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

Make A Pass Gate In VB6

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
Make A Pass Gate In VB6. Password gate in VB ::

Good to use if you want to protect something that you've made in VB6,like a Trainer Maker ,Game Hacker ect.. . anyway we start this tut

you have your project ready you have to make one button and Text Box , to make one text box move the mouse over the Toolbox option and you find one

then after you make your design , you have to put the codes , ( this is what my password gate looks like , you can make it diff. way it doesnt have to be like mine )

you may wonder how can you make your Textbox to password Box , you dont have to do this , it is up to you .

to make text to password box , choose your text box and then in properties ,

you put * into passwordChar .

then double click on the button you want to put the code for it

and paste down this code

Private Sub cmdStart_Click() If txtPass.Text = "12345%%" Then Unload Me Main.Show Else Unload Me NeedPass.Show End If End Sub

now you can make big mistake , the red Text are the name of text box and command In project you have to change it to the txtbox and button name you want to make password gate on them . those yellow text are forms that will show up if you put password right or wrong , for example if you put password wrong the form needpass will show , but if you put it right the main Form shows up.

i hope you get it , please read again then you will get it better . you can use Msgbox if you put password wrong

Private Sub cmdStart_Click() If txtPass.Text = "12345%%" Then Unload Me Main.Show Else Unload Me msgbox "WRONG PASSWORD" End If End Sub

All Codes Are Property Or Extalia EXP and x-UnDeaD

Tutorial About Coding An Password Gate In Visual Basic 6

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