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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

How to make instant build trainer Tutorial

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
How to make instant build trainer Tutorial -- by Groza / May 2001

Target: Red Alert 2 version 1.004

I wrote this tutorial in order to show you how I made the instant build
option in my trainer for Red Alert 2. Because of a great demand I will
write how to make reveal map and skip mission options too. All the tutorials
will be available to download from my page so check
it out time to time.

- SoftIce ( the best tool, can't live without it )
- Winhack

To make an instant build trainer we have to find out the code that
cares(calculates) how long something will be building. There are many
possibilities how to find it out. I will explain just one of them, which
worked fine with me. Now if we think a little, there should be some parameter
in memory that is increasing or decreasing(depends on the game) during the
build. We are going to find it out.
So let's start building something. Now during building process we have to
find all the memory locations which are decreasing or increasing. First we
will try to find out those which are decreasing. In the game we start
building Barracks and as soon as it starts we pause the game(we press ESC),
ALT+TAB to WinHack choose the process of RedAlert 2(game.exe) and start
searching the locations. Then ALT+TAB back to the game, unpause and wait a
little. Back ALT+TAB to Winhack and use the -has decreased- option to search
only those memory locations which were decreased since the last search.
Then back to the game... we need to repeat doing this till we don't find only
one or few locations.
In Winhack we can also use other options like -has decreased by Less than %-
which can be very useful but I won't explain them here.

OK, everything should come well and we find the location(by me is 88FCEEC).
Let's check it out.

Back to the game and ALT+D to Softice. Be sure that we are in RA2(game.exe)
and not in some other process. Let's put a breakpoint on the address
bpmb 88FCEEC w and ALT+D to return to the game. SoftIce should pop up.

We should see something like this:

:004B9529   mov ecx, dword ptr [esi+68]
:004B952C   push edi
:004B952D   call 004E5470
:004B9532   mov eax, dword ptr [esi+5C]
:004B9535   mov [esi+58], 00
:004B9539   sub eax, edi                          <-this decrease our counter
:004B953B   mov dword ptr [esi+5C], eax
:004B953E   cmp dword ptr [esi+24], 00000036      <---interesting
:004B9542   jne 004B9574

Hm, let's patch it !!! Instead of sub eax, edi let's modify it by
sub eax,eax ! In this way we will decrease the counter so it should build
the thing instantly. Let's modify it, disable all breakpoints and back to
the game. What???#%&%#& Nothing happen. :(

But don't give up, let's check that cmp at the 004B953E. Seems it's comparing
the location pointed to [esi+24] with 36 hex. Let's check it out, disable
all breakpoints and put a bpmb [esi+24] w.

Back to the game and softice pop up here:

:004B94BF 8B4638                  mov eax, dword ptr [esi+38]
:004B94C2 8B5624                  mov edx, dword ptr [esi+24]
:004B94C5 03D0                    add edx, eax
:004B94C7 895624                  mov dword ptr [esi+24], edx
:004B94CA A15453A300              mov eax, dword ptr [00A35354]
:004B94CF 8B54240C                mov edx, dword ptr [esp+0C]

Hm, we can see that here is some other counter, which increases something.
And when it reaches 0x36 it is done. OK, let's modify the code in this
way then:

mov edx, 36
nop             //this 3 additional nops are because this instruction is
nop             //shorter than that we've replaced
mov dword ptr [esi+24], edx

OK, disable all breakpoints and let's go back to the game. YES, IT WORKS !!!!
We have the instant build. Now we only need to make a trainer that will
modify the code when we press a button.
And that's all that has to be done. Easy isn't it ?

Please check the tutorial section on my page to find out more about
writing a trainer...

Greetz to MICRaL from TekZ 8193 for trying to make my page better !

From the heart of the winter,


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