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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

How to make a loader

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
How to make a loader


First of all, change your font to! hehehe :p

In this tutorial, i'll use:
- Tester v1.1 by Beans [Get it in]
- TSearch v1.6 []
- Princess Sandy 1.0 by AgentData []

Lesson one - Looking for DMA (Cool to patch!) addresses
So, u see, i wanna hack one dma value, why? It's simple! When you
use a T-Search to hack a dma address, the AutoHack show a special
thing for you, it's show the "Patch-code"...and your brain, u can
make a cool patch instead a trainer!

Lesson two - Find the "patch-code"
Start your Tester in level 5 and pause it. Open your TS and find
find the value, it's 1Bytes (Timer)...i've found only one address
Click in Auto-Hack menu and "Enable Debugger", now u need to open
the "Auto-Hack window", this option is in Auto-Hack menu...wait, i
will drink coke...i'm back :p...Right click in the address you've
found and click in "AutoHack" option, go to Tester and unpause it.
Go to "AutoHack window", u'll see: "401E4E: mov[eax],ecx"...hehehe
Select it, click in "TMK" menu and select "Button script", you'll
see the "Patch-code", something like this:

# Patched script: Poke 401E4E 90 90
# UnPatched script: Poke 401E4E 89 08

What it mean? It mean: UnPatchad script="Original data", and the
other (Patched script)="Patch data", well this is all you need to
make this path!

Lesson three - Using the Princess Sandy to make ur loader
Well, simply enter in Princess Sandym select "Tester.exe" when it
ask...Now, click in "Add Item", in Address, write: "00401E4E", in
Original Data, write "8908" and in Patch data, write "9090"....and
now, click in build...Select the folder to save it.....BINGO!!!!
your Loader was successful created! Now, copy the Loader to Tester
folder and run it, what the fuck? Nothing new to me! Ok, let's see
it, select level 5 and click in Test, wait the time and look: u've
Success with the timer hack!!! lol...

Lesson four - Homework
Hey man, now u know how to make a loader, make a loader to Health!


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