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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

Hacking With Omni

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
Hacking with Omni
Hacking Minesweeper with Omni Trainer v 1.0

Hi there guys it's me again and this time with an tutorial on hacking Minesweeper of Win 98! I know...its easy, but i like this game 'cause i'll show how to use Omni Trainer and its a new tool ;)

Needed Tools :
» Any Game (i'll use Minesweeper)
» The OMNI TRAINER v 1.0 - get in
» Some Coke, Fanta or Coofe (hmm... I like coke, he he he....)
» Some music , of Rock or Eletronic Music :)
» Do u have a brain, right?

Ok, let's start rocking ! :)

Step 1 : Finding the address

1. Open Minesweeper.

2. Open the Minesweeper process in Omni Trainer. You can do this by using the Process / Open Process menu command. Now, scroll down until you find a process with the window title "Minesweeper". Select it and then click OK.

3. Create a New Location.
You can do this by using the Location \ New Location menu command.

4. Search for the Seconds Address. Click the Search button. To find the second address we perform a single out search; we will continue to search for the seconds value until we have found a single address (the address of the seconds value). Since the timer can range from 0 to 999 we should be safe by searching for the DWord data type since most game use the DWord data type for all their numeric data. Select DWord in the Type combo box. A Forward-Normal search will work just fine. The seconds value in Minesweeper should currently be zero, so type "0" in the search text box and click search. Omni Trainer indicates that a search for zero is not recommended. An initial search for zero usually returns too many values and can lead to errors. Click No and change the seconds value to a number other than zero by playing Minesweeper and losing. Back at the search dialog, enter the seconds value that is currently shown in Minesweeper, and click Search. A large number of values will appear in the Addresses Found List, but we want only one. In the Search Again field, retype the seconds value and click Search Again. Notice that the number of addresses found either changed very little, or not at all. This is because some values may not change in a program unless the user activly using the program. Play minesweeper again and lose at a different time than before. Enter the new second value in the Search Again text box and click Search Again. The number of addresses found should reduce significantly. Continue this until only one value is in the Addresses Found list. Note: If you encounter problems just restart your search. Double-click the one address to select it so that it appears in the Addresses Selected list, then click OK.
5. Check the Address. You should make sure that the seconds address you found is correct by returning to Minesweeper, starting a new game (but do not click anything) and then returning to Omni Trainer and pressing the Update button on the New Location dialog. The current value text box should read "0". If not, go back and repeat the search.

6. Set the Modify Value and the Refresh Time. Since you want to get the lowest time possible in Minesweeper, type "0" into the Modify Value field. However, if you use a refresh time of zero, you would have to keep enabling the location to a low seconds value since a Refresh time of zero only writes the location once. Therefore, you will want to change the Refresh field. The refresh rate is measured in milliseconds, so change the value to "1000" to make it refresh every second.

7. Personalize the Location with a Label and Info. You may want to label this location for quick reference. Change the Label field to "Seconds". Then, add a more detailed description in the Info field and click OK.

8. Enable the Location. Double-click the location you just created to enable it. Play Minesweeper, and notice that your time remains at one. This demonstrates that when you change a value, it is not immediately noticeable because values are only shown when they are updated in the application. The time, for example, is only updated when it is incremented. Since Omni Trainer modifies it to zero, its first update occurs when Minesweeper increments the value to 1. Therefore 1 is shown.

9. Saving your Location List. To save your newly created location list use the LocationèSave Location List menu command. This displays the Save Location List dialog. First, type "Minesweeper Tutorual" in to the Location List field. Some programs have different versions, while others only work on specific operating systems. For Minesweeper, type your Operating System name in the Version Info text box. Then, pat yourself on the back. You have just completed the Omni Trainer Basic Tutorial!


Tutorial by [D.N.A]
eXtalia (c) 2003
contact : or
web: www.extalia

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