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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

Hacking Weapons/Items in Tomb Raider 2

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
Hacking Weapons/Items in TR2
About :

Hi All …….. I was playing Tomb Raider 2 some time ago. After playing a little, I wanted all the guns available in the game but I couldn’t find a trainer that gave me all guns. So that is why I decided to make my own that really worked. And I did….. now Im gonna teach u to make one ….. This game uses the most different and interesting process of finding all guns ……. At least I think so. To read this tutorial u need atleast some basic knowledge of finding memory addresses. U can get that by reading tutorials on different Memory Finders …. Which u can find at any Gamehacking site.

Audience : Game hackers who have been hacking for some time ..... This tutorial is not recommended for the EXTREME NEWBIES who have just started game hacking.

Abbreviations Used In This Tutorial :

1) TS ====> T-Search , our memory Finder.
2) TMK ====> Trainer Maker Kit 1.5, our trainer maker.
3) Min. the game. ====> Minimize the game by pressing ALT+TAB.
4) TR2 ====> Tomb Raider II, the game we r hacking.
5) Save Game # 1 ====> Saved game with Lesser weapons/Cheat Off.
6) Save Game # 2 ====> Saved Game with All weapons/Cheat On.

What U Need :

1) Basic knowledge of memory finding.
2) T-Search ( Read a tutorial on TSearch )
3) Tomb Raider II
4) TMK 1.5 ( for Checking the addresses )

Back Ground :
Well we will use the cheat codes for getting the weapons in Tomb Raider 2. But its not as simple as putting the code on and off and searching for 1 and 0. Its quite different and difficult. The cheat for all weapons in TR-II is: While playing, take out a flare, take one step forward (hold down "shift" while pressing up arrow), then take one step backwards, turn around 3 full times and then jump backwards. This is the code that gives u all weapons. Now we shall use the on/off feature ..... but .... We wont be searching for 1/0 ==> that is change in code, Instead, we shall search for change in offsets for guns. Coz this game doesnt allow the 1/0 search function.

Lets Get Those Damn Guns :

So lets begin guys …..

1. Open up T-Search.

2. Start Tomb Raider II. Start a new game. At this time Lara Croft has the simple inventory wid about 6 items : Small med packs, Large med packs, Double pistols, Shot Gun, Flares and Stop Watch.

3. Save the game. <--- This is Save Game # 1

4. Now from here, put in the Cheat Code so that ur Lara has all weapons.

5. Save the game here, but under the previous saved game. <--- This is Saved Game # 2. NOW, we have got 2 saved games, one with All Weapons and one wid the starting weapons.

6. Load the Saved Game # 1.

7. Min the game ..... into windows. Bring up TS.

8. Select the process to hack= TOMB2.EXE.

9. Press the Big magnifying glass ( Start Search ). It searches for some time and stops.

10. Now go into TR2. Load the Saved Game # 2 in which Lara has all the weapons.

11. Min the game again. Bring up TS.

12. This time press the smaller Magnifying Glass. Select Type = 2 Bytes and select Search = Has Changed. Press OK. TS will search for sometime and then stop. It finds a lot of values.

13. Go back into TR2. Load the Saved Game # 1 which has lesser weapons.

14. Min the game.

15. Repeat steps no. 9-12 .... But press the small magnifying glass only ...... Until u get lesser number of addresses and u cant decrease them more. Now the addresses dont lessen .... U keep on doing steps 9-12 but u keep getting lots of addresses. Now we must do the Trial And Error Method.

16. Trial And Error Method : Load the Save Game # 2 ( wid all weapons ). Min the game .... Bring up TSearch. Freeze the Top four addresses. Go in the game ... load Save Game # 1. Check ur inventory , U might be lucky if some of the weapons have changed ..... like .... in place of Pistols there might be small med pack or something like that.

17. Check the addresses u had frozen for the address that changed the weapon in the inventory by freezing them one by one and loading Save Games 1 & 2 one by one.

18. Repeat step # 17 until u get 5 values which change the weapons in the inventory.

19. But the problem is that the weapons only change in place of some other weapons. No additional weapons r added.

Theory :

Now time for some theory ...... I mean ... Before getting u to get All Weapons I should tell u what u r about to do. If u look a bit closely at the game ..... U might see that when Cheat is Off, there r only 6 items. That means there r only 6 Slots for items. When Cheat is On, there r 11 items, so the Slots r also 11. So the slots also change !!!! This the thing we r looking for.

20. Now if u look at the address in the Left hand portion of Tsearch ... where all the addresses that u have been sieving r .... u might find an address that changes to 6 when the Save game # 1 is loaded and Changes to 11 when Save Game # 2 is loaded.

21. Unfreeze all the values, if u have frozen any. Load game # 2. U have all weapons now.

22. Min the game , come into TSearch.

23. U have found 6 addresses up till now. Freeze them at their current values now.

24. Go in the game and load Game # 1. Check the inventory. U will have all weapons ... IF U HAVE FOUND THE CORRECT ADDRESSES.


In case u dont know what we have dun uptil now ...... Here is the Explanation. When u apply the cheat code .... the places of some of the items r changed ...... like there r 11 slots ...... so the thing at number 6 lot night go to slot # 11 when the Cheat is turned on. The first 5 addresses we found determine the Slot number for these items. When u freeze them they show different items at different places .. that is because the weapons have increased but there r not enough slots 2 put them into. The last address we found was the slot number address which increases the slots. So that there is enough place to put in the guns. Tht is how u get all weapons.

25. Check TSearch ....... Check the values at which u get all guns.

26. To check the addies. In TMK poke these addresses wid their respective values in one button ..... Above those 5 addresses poke the last address ... i.e. the Slot-Number-address wid 11. So when the button is pressed ... the Slots number is changed to 11 and the respective slot of the items is also changed accordingly.

U r welcome to ask questions and give critic's view on this tutorial so that I can make it better. Anyone is free to distribute this tut AS LONG AS IT IS NOT CHANGED AND MY NAME REMAINS ON IT.

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