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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

Hacking Weapons in Metal Slug

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
Hacking Weapons in Metal Slug
This is a tutorial for ppl who r a grade above newbies. I mean who know how to use different gamehacking tools like GameHack2.0, Game Trainer 2.01. U can read more tuts to get to know different famous tools.

Metal Slug for NeoRAGEx Emulator ver 0.6b

1). How to hack different weapons.

2) Making Trainer with the found Addresses.

1) Game Hack

2) Trainer Maker Kit ( TMK )

Lesson-1: Hacking Guns
So now lets begin. Start Neorage emulator and start Metal Slug 1. Lemme brief u about the nature of the game a bit. Ur soldier can get different guns in the game at different times including Flame Shot, Shot gun, Machine Gun etc. Ok what we need to think about here is that if we hack the number of shots left we might find the gun addie. So lets try it.

First get a gun other than pistol for example Heavy Machine GUn. Now we use Game Hack for it. Choose the process neoragex.exe in the process list. Use the exact value option, select 2 bytes also. If for example in the game value for shots is 200. Pause the game and minimize it. In Game hack Search for 200. When it finishes its first search go to the game and fire some shots. Now 195 r left. Search agin with the other button until u have found the address. Freeze it at 200 . Go to the game and See that the shots do not decrease. Lets see if it it the address for heavy machine gun????? For this u need to get another gun for example Shot GUN. Now keep in mind that if the gun remains Machine Gun then we have frozen the address for M. Gun but if it changes to shot gun when we get it ... then we have the wrong addie........ BUT WHAT DO WE SEE HERE???? The gun has changed to Shot Gun but the number of shots is still at 200 !!! .......... Ok now we know..... This is only ammo not the address for the gun which u have at the moment. Any how note this address coz we might need it for making a trainer. So now, we need to think a bit more. If we do we might see that there may be a single address for the guns and the value of the different guns might be different and addie must be same!!! So lets try out what we think may be true.

Ok now we open up Game Hack ... Select the process NEORAGEX.EXE. Go to the game ...... we have only the simple Pistol. Pause and Minimize it and come to windows. Press the start search button and select ADVANCED SEARCH option and press start. It will stop after some time. Go to the game and get a new gun e.g Machine Gun. Come back 2 windows and press Next Search button. Select DIFFERENT and select no of bytes = 4 Bytes and press ok. It will take some time and when it stops come 2 the game. Finish ur shots so u r only left with Pistol again. Come 2 windows again. Press Next Search and press ok ( DIFFERENT option is already selected ). After it stops ...... get a new gun and again search for DIFFERENT. In this way keep changing ur guns and keep searching for different till u r left with the least options. Only 10-15. Select them and press the arow button 2 bring them in the lower collumn. Now we hafta use the old Hit-And-Trial method.

For this method manually freeze 2 of the top addies. Go to the game and pick a new gun. If the gun u had previously, changes to this new one u just got ...... then the addies which we froze were wrong. Delete them and freeze the next 2 addies.

Keep trying this method until u freeze an addie which is that of GUNS. When u freeze the right addie ... no matter which gun u take it will remain the one u had previously. For Example , If u had Flame Shot before freezing it ..... U froze the correct addie. When u go in the game and try to take Shot Gun .... it will remain Flame Shot. The addie is of guns and the value at which it is at da moment is that of Flame Shot.

Now note down this address as GUNS and the value as FLAME SHOT. Remove the freeze that means UNFREEZE it. Now to find the other guns ...... go in the game get another gun. To which value the GUNS addie is now is the value of the present gun. Similarly get the values of all the guns. And note the values as the repective Gun.

Lesson-2: Making A Trainer
Now ill tell u howta poke the values in the buttons for guns. Now Open up TMK. Select the process as neoragex.exe ....... write metalslug in exe name....... Put as much buttons on the trainer as the number of guns and one more for Freeze Ammo. Now right click on each button, select properties and name each button as one of the guns ..... so each button is named as a gun ...... One button for flame, One for Shot gun , One for Machine Gun etc.

Now right click on Flame Shot button .... click Write Memory Actions .... click on WIZ. Now put the address in the address tab and the value for FLAME SHOT in the value tab. Similarly put the value of each gun in each gun's button under the same Address. Do not select FREEZE for any button.

Now right click on the last button named Freeze Ammo. Select properties and then select "FCT" and select FREEZE. Now again right click on it and select Write memory actions and out in the address for ammo freeze which we found first and select a value ....... e.g 200.

Now ur trainer is ready ..... Build it and use it for hacking different guns. Each button will give u a gun and FREEZ AMMO will freeze the number of shots. Have fun !!!!!!!!

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