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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

Hack Timers

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
Hack Timers
This short and easy to follow tutorial provided by Phoenix will teach you how to hack (use a memory scanner) game timers. What this means is for example the time between reloading a gun. Maybe you want to find the reload addy and make a quick reload hack. Although this tutorial will not work with every game, it will work with most. The reason for this not working for every game is that some games use different methods for their timing system…

To begin, we will assume that you want to hack the reload time for a gun in one of your favorite games. Let’s also assume that this gun by default takes 6 seconds to reload after one shot has been fired (gun reloads automatically.) If and when we’re successful at hacking the reload timer for our gun, the gun will be capable of firing like a machine gun (this depends on the game.)

Using the info above, we will now attempt to find the address of the reload timer. To do this we must follow these steps:

Step #1:
Open memory searcher and do an advance search by searching for an unknown value (1 byte.) <-- 1 byte because timer values are usually less than 255 in value.

Step #2:
Fire your gun one time and freeze the game immediately after firing the shot (once the shot is fired the reload timer becomes active,) now go back to the memory searcher and search next: advanced search - decreased (1 byte.) <-- we search decreased because in most cases the timer goes something like this: default – 6.0 | shot fired (1 second wait before pause) – 5.0 <-- the timer decreases the longer you wait, but once it hits 0 the gun is fully loaded. Take note that if this way fails, you may reread this guide and replace decrease with increase.

Step #3:
Once again fire one shot from your gun, but this time wait just a tad longer until you freeze the game, then go to the memory searcher and search next: advanced search - decreased (1 byte.)

Step #4:
Now allow the gun to fully reload, then pause the game and go to the memory searcher; search next: advanced search - decreased (1 byte.)

Step #5:
Go to the memory searcher and search next: advanced search - unchanged (1 byte.) <-- we now search unchanged because the value has not change as we didn’t fire any shots this time.

Step #6:
After going through all the steps, your memory searcher should now contain the appropriate addy(s) for the reload timer, if not try altering a few of the values/search types contained here…Good luck hacking timers!

- Phoenix -

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