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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

Cheat Engine v2.3 Tutorial

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
Cheat Engine V2.3 Tutorial
Cheat Engine V2.3
The Tutorial
One of the newest tools on the market my friends.Here we have a memory searcher and a trainer maker all in one.If you've never hacked before and your using this as your start out tool then this is the tut for you.
Lets Begin
Always start with the easy stuff first.Alright first you need to actually select what game your going to be cheating in.To do this click on the lil PC Button
This is called the select process button.Now select the exe of your game from the pop up window.Alright lets get crackin.Now you will see the search options not too far away
Now you can search for lots of diffrent things.There are two search types Scan type and Value Type.The value box is where you input the value of ammo,gold MP etc.
Scan Type is what sort of scan you want to do.i e=Exact Value would be your 100% sure of the amount of ammo etc and Advanced is for if your not 100%.
Value type is what sort of value it is you can search for Bits,Bytes,floats,text and double.
1 byte : value between 0-255 stored in 1 byte
2 bytes : value between 0-65535 stored in 2 byte
4 Bytes=value between 0-4294967295
Well now that we know what kind of search were gonna do we can continue(were not going to be dealing with the other types of dont need to worry bout those yet =P )Ok once you have input the thing you want to click on new scan.You'll most likely get tonnes of addresses if you didnt then go over the tut so far again.If your on the same wavelength then lets continue.Now you need to go in and change the thing your hacking somehow.After that click on next scan.Not so many addies now huh?Good now continue this until your left with one and then select it and click the red arrow pointing diagnolly.This will copy the address into the box below.Then you can NOP the address(Its not hard to do)And well.........thats it! I'll update this tut soon with a continuation on how to use the TM on it but well Later days!.


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