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Trainer Tutorials

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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

Building your Trainer Part 1

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
First impression to Gamehacking

1024 x 768 PLZ



This will be a introduction to gamehacking.
I think all of you that play games have cheated in it sometimes.
Maybe just that once or maybe you do it all the time.
Most of the time you go on the internet to some site thathas lots of cheats on it.

Now wouldn't it be fun to cheat in every game without searching
the internet every time you got a new game? Or maybe even make your own trainer !

We'll start with cheating only in this tutorial and maybe later you will learn how to make
a trainer. Here I will only give you an impression of what is possible.
I assume you are on a windows computer and you have Minesweeper on it.
You will need an easy program called the "Cheat 'O Matic" by Nick Shaffner.

Download it from my site:

Start up minesweeper and AFTER that the Cheat 'O Matic (CM from now on).
When you are in minesweeper and you click on one of the boxes the time begins to run.
Now minimize minesweeper, wait 5 seconds and then maximize it again.

You notice that the time is the same as when you minimized it. That is helpful for us to know. Now also start CM (don't close minesweeper!).

From the drop-down box select Minesweeper. Go back to Minesweeper and start a new game.
Then click once so the time begins to run. Now look at the time and minimize it. You still know what the time is right? Say for example that you minimized it at 7 seconds. Go back to CM and in the edit boxfill in 7 (that's just the example you fill in your time-value!).

Now press the SEARCH button.CM will now search 7 in the memory (DMA) in your computer.

After a while it will stop and say: (Change the value in the program, then enter the new value in the box below, and click "Search".)

We will do exactly that. So go back to Minesweeper and wait a few seconds until the time
has become a little bigger. Say for example that it is 14 now.
Go back to CM, fill in 14 and press SEARCH.Again it will search for the value you specified (14 in my example) BUT it will search inthe values that were 7 before !

Change the time again and search again until you get a message like this.Cha-ching! Got it. Enter the value you'd like to change it to, and hit 'Set'(Code: x8665C69A:33A) Your code will be different !

Now what we shall do is freeze the time.On the down left you will see LOCK. Check that.
Now in Minesweeper press the smiley and start playing. You will see that you have frozen time!

Congratulations !!!

Greetings go out to all of Computer knightS (EFNET, #computerknights) especially Solata
Greetings go out to all of Extalia members especially SnokGreetings to [Sheep] for helping me out.
Greetings to #cracking4newbies.
Greetings to #gamehacking.
Greetings for all the others. You know who you are ;-)


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