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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

Beat DMA using TSearch

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
Beat DMA using Tsearch
By Stormbringer

This Tutorial is a very basic explanation on how to hack Dynamic Memory Allocation using Tsearch.First you should know that DMA is not something that's gonna rack your brains....thats code injection heheh.
Anyway DMA is easy as hell once you do it a few times.Alright to begin open Tsearch(Obviously) and select the process of your game.Now search and find the address of your ammo,gold etc and NOP it.In game you'll find it still changes when you drop gold or fire the gun.Thats because of the DMA.So now go back to Tsearch click the Autohack tab and select enable debugger then click the address and select Autohack.
The Autohack window now will pop up.Tsearch is watching this address now so go back in game and change something again.Back to Tsearch.Tsearch should have found one of two things an Increaser or Decreaser depending what you did in game.To NOP it select the address,then click on the edit tab then click on Patch.
To find out what to put in TMK simply select TMK and button script.
And thats it!. 

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