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This section of the site is dedicated to Trainer Tutorials to help everyone get a better understanding of how Game Trainers are made and how they function.

A Comprehensive Tutorial On Game Hack 2.0

You can view this tutorial in its original format here
A Comprehensive tut on Game Hack
..::[ Comprehensive Tutorial On Game Hack 2.0 ]::..

Basic Rules For Memory Hacking:
These r the basic rules for memory hacking in games. Almost all tools work on these principles. Here they R :

1. First of all the target game and the Memory Searcher should be ON.
2. In the start .... first Select the process of the target game.
3. For the first search ... all tools have a button. Press it to start the search.
4. All tools have another button for the secondary search like : next search , Sieve , Next etc.
5. To change the value of an address double click on the value and change it.

Well here is another tutorial. This time about GameHack 2.0. It is a very useful game hacking tool with the ADVANCED search option which is used for searching unknown values. Like energy bars. We will hack the health in Beans Trainer Tester, Level-1. And We shall also hack the Money and Lives.

Beans Trainer Tester:
A cool tool with the help of which u can test ur experience in game hacking. Open TESTER. Press Pause. And then press Restart. This will pause the TESTER programme at the beginning. The Level 1 goals r : (1) 1,000,000 cash, and (2) 10 lives. Although the health is not needed but we can practice on hacking energy bars.

Hacking Health (Advanced Search):
1. First of all ..... start GAMEHACK.

2. Press the first button in the GH window with the picture of two wheels. Another window appears. Choose the process or window of the game .... In case of Beans trainer Tester choose Trainer::Trainer.

3. Now press the buttons with the bigger binoculars. Another small window appears. Choose the search type to Advanced. Now press OK. GH will search. When it stops, go back to Tester.Press Unpause. After some time Your energy decreases. Press PAUSE to stop the tester coz pausing the game before searching is VERY important. So that our Required values don’t change.

4. Come to GH. Press the smaller binoculars. DO NOT CHOOSE THE PROCESS THIS TIME. Now choose DECREASE, because the energy in the tester has decreased. And choose the TYPE to 2 Bytes (WORD) because the address for energy is very often stored in WORD(2 Bytes). Press OK. GH will search for some time and then stop saying that it has found a lotta addresses.

5. No problems. Go in the tester and press Unpause……. Again the energy decreases. Press Pause to stop the tester.

6. Now!! We gotta use our upper storey which stores something called a brain. So we saw that the health had decreased. Press the smaller binoculars again. Just choose DECREASE. Press OK. It searches again . It has again got alot of addresses.

7. Repeat this step again until u get many addresses. I got 16 addresses. The number of these addresses will remain 16 so all these addresses r for health.

8. I used "0040C1D0”. And changed the value to 100. My health got full. This address is static in memory ... This means it will remain same everytime you start a game.

Hacking Money and Lives (Normal Search):
1. Well ….. now we need to achieve the actual goals of the Tester. Money and Lives. Press Restart. It will start the Tester again from 0 time.

2. Look at the cash. Its 100,000. I hope u remember the basic steps of Memory hacking. No. 2 – Choose the process of the game u want to hack in this case Tester. Choose the process in GH. Its Trainer::Trainer.

3. Press the Big Binocular. In the Search method, select Exact Value. In the value tab write the amount u wanna hack. In our case…. The money – 100000. In the Type , select 4 bytes. Press OK. It will search and come up with 3 addresses. Now to know which addresses is the address for money we apply the TRIAL AND ERROR method.

4. TRIAL AND ERROR: We have 3 addies and one of them is the real one. So change the value of one pf them to 1000, change the second to 2000 and third to 3000. Go to TESTER and unpause it. The value of money will change to one of the above mentioned numbers. And that address will be the address for the money. The addie I found is : 0040C1D8. Change its value to 1000000 and u will have accomplished ur goal.

5. I want u to hack the Lives and timer urself. As a test J

If u have any problem .... Contact me. I am there 2 Help :o)
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