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Slowing down older PC games on modern high speed computers that run them too fast

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When PC games started to really come alive after the release of Windows 95 & Windows 98, most PC's at the time were running single Pentium 1 & 2 processors running 16MB, 32MB, 64MB of RAM (how did we survive!?) and if you were lucky you had 128MB or 256MB of RAM which was like the "Lamborghini" of PC systems for the time and some games still ran slow as games started to become a lot more CPU & RAM resource driven. Modern PC's with modern CPU's and stacks of RAM handle these older games as if a snail had taken a sip of Red Bull; in other words older PC games which used to run slow or at a normal pace on these older PC systems all of a sudden become so fast that they become unplayable even if you do select a slow in-game speed from the options menu of the game.


So what options do you have? Do you pull some RAM sticks off your motherboard every time you want to play an older game? Of course not. Do you grab out and dust off an old Pentium 1 or 2 computer? No way. Do you build a time machine and head back in time just to play on an older PC? Probably not. Fortunately there are CPU slowdown programs/utilities that can slowdown your CPU processor and deliberately make it run at a selected slower pace, this of course allows your older PC game to run at a slower pace like it was meant to before these high powered CPU's came out.

Below is a list of these such programs:

CPUKILLER uses your processor and makes the resource occupancy grow enough to slow down the execution of other applications.
If you don't want your computer to be slowed down anymore you simply have to click on the stop button.

CPUKILLER website:

Slows down PC performance by controlling the speed of execution of programs. This feature can be useful when running old processor-dependent programs on new PCs, particularly to decrease the speed of games for better results.

Bremze website:

Throttle is a program that uses a new method of tackling the age old "my machine runs too fast to play this game" problem. Throttle has also been known to cool your CPU and save electricity at the same time!
Throttle uses a feature in your system's hardware to modify the clock speed going to your CPU, rather than using software "delay loops" or HLT instructions to slow your machine down. This method provides very smooth slowdowns without any incompatibilities with software.

Throttle website:

Mo'Slo has been giving old programs new life since 1990. Current Mo'Slo products let you run speed-sensitive DOS and Windows programs on state-of-the-art systems.

Mo'Slo website:

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